2020 Projects

Raised in 2020 (pending COVID-19 delays*):

Footprint Coalition: $223.98 – CORE: $153.70

#Duckprints Collected:

The Project

The 2020 Duckling Fan Project aims to raise awareness for the newly launched Footprint Coalition.   We want to focus on Earth and existing life and how we impact it as a whole, and show Team Downey that we, collectively, can make a difference! Together, we can make our own impact; our own footprints, or, if you will…duckprints.

The focus of this year’s project will be simple: positively influence something living.  Whether this is through recycling at a public space, volunteering at a local animal shelter, or planting a garden, to list a few examples, we have the ability to help our world.  The ideas are limitless – be as creative as you’d like!

Let’s show Robert and Susan what we can do!


How to Participate

We want to raise as much money as we can to donate to the Footprint Coalition and their future ventures, but understand not everyone is able to help in terms of funding. There are several tiers of participation, for those who can donate and those who cannot. To show the worldwide reach the Team Downey fandom has, everyone who participates in any of the following tiers will have their name and pin added to the map above!  We will also be collecting our own duckprints (make your own hand print in the color of your tier) and adding them to your name on the map!


We raffled off a replica Rescue helmet!  Raffle ended 11/14.  Winner will be notified within three business days.

*Helmet will be the same model, but may not reflect the specific item shown. Helmet is 3d printed with LED lights and removeable magnetic faceplate. For display only.


Interested in sporting your own 2020 Duckling Fan Project merch?  We have a selection of t-shirts and eco friendly products available, each for a $35 donation!

(You may still purchase merch, however, all funds raised will be stored for our next fundraiser.)


Make a difference!  Participate in the 2020 Duckling Fan Project and positively influence something living!  Be creative and design your own task – keep a record or proof of completion and take a photo when it’s completed.

To receive your pin, name, social media tag, photo, and description of your project, click: here



Other Donations


Team Downey, founded in 2010, is an entertainment company founded by Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey that produces film and television properties (via

More info on Team Downey:

More info on the Footprint Coalition:

More info on CORE:


While we are collectively staying at home, we have an opportunity to continue making a difference with inspiration from Team Downey.  We are expanding and bring participants together from all over the world.  Together, we can raise awareness and funding for the Footprint Coalition and future Team Downey projects.

Let’s leave our duck prints and help our planet together.


Project live May 9th, 2020 - November 2020. Postponed June-July 2020.  Resume August 5th, 2020.
We have no official affiliations with Team Downey or the Footprint Coalition. This is a fan
project designed solely to raise money for a good cause. Detailed donations report can be
generated at a later date. Please contact us at before taking
any legal action (aka Roberto please know we're only aiming to raise money for Team Downey)!