Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Some of the Ducklings wanted to make sure you have a very special day, so we had them write you some messages here!  You can find ours at the bottom, after you read all of these wonderful kind greetings!  Enjoy your day, Aaron!


I wish you a really lovely, happy birthday 😊 All the luck and health in the world ❤ Continue to fight because we all believe in you and you can do it. Aaron is a real life superhero ❤

– Anne @artsydwny (Instagram)

Have a happy birthday and many more 🎂🎁🎉

– @ojacobmen (Instagram)

Happy birthday, Aaron!  I hope all your birthday wishes come true and millions more ❤

– Marc & Anniek @solaceinasmile (Instagram)

I just want to wish a massive happy birthday to Aaron.  You are so inspirational and you deserve everything for all of your hard work. 💕  Happy birthday and God bless you, all the way from Abu Dhabi. ❤

– Lily @lil.y_15 (Instagram)

Hi Aaron! Happy Happy Birthday! Wish you have a blast on your day and lots of gifts! You are such a brave boy for putting all the effort! I believe that soon your efforts will be rewarded with good health  😊 Always stay happy and keep fighting! You have everyone’s support! Happy Birthday!

– Julia @greysbcwmh (Twitter)

Hey Aaron, I wish you a very happy birthday, I hope all your wishes come true! You‘re an amazing and inspiring young man, never stop fighting! Never forget: „Where there is life, there is hope.“ I hope that this little birthday message lifts your spirits. I used to be very sick about a year ago and here‘s something that helped me on my birthday: when you blow off those candles on your birthday cake, imagine you are blowing off every flame of sickness in your life! This always made me feel better and gave me the strength I needed, even if it‘s not as easy as that 😉 Sending you lots of love and strength! Enjoy your special day!  ❤️

– @downeydiaries (Twitter)

happy birthday aaron!
i truly hope you spend a great day surrounded by the people you love, you’ve got loads of people on social media who support you and love you! you’re one of the strongest person, happy birthday ❤

– Lele @a.estethex (Instagram)

Happy Birthday Aaron! I hope you are happy and enjoying your day! ✨🎉 Stay strong like Iron Man would want you to be. May you be blessed with all your wishes and dreams. Your smile is infectious and you are adorable! Enjoy your birthday with lots of love. 🍰

– Samina @samina_kapoor (Twitter)

happy birthday buddy! you’re amazing little boy and you’re very strong!! you keep being a fighter you’re always in my prayers Aaron!!

– Jilyan @robertduckeyjr (Instagram)

Happy Birthday Aaron… My only wish on your special day is for your life to be filled with all the wonder and joy you deserve.. all my love and prayers to you

– Muriel @mue_marvel_girl (Instagram)

To Aaron, Happy Birthday! You are the strongest and bravest boy out there. Keep fighting, and working hard. Get well soon sweetie, and have an amazing birthday! You deserve the world ♡

– Evelyn @rdj4ever (Instagram)

Happy birthday, you superhero! Thank you for keeping the world safe and sound, it is a hard job but you’re doing it amazingly. Much love and happiness to you and your family 💙

– Fatma @colinfiIth (Twitter)

Happy Birthday Aaron! I hope you have an amazing day! Thank you for inspiring us all with your strength and bravery! Love, Eleanor 😊

– Eleanor @hummelstark (Twitter)

Hey, Aaron! Happy birthday, buddy! Hope you have an excellent day and keep on shining brightly! You’re amazing, kiddo, never forget! Lots of love ❤

– Luh @LuhDohler (Twitter)

Happy birthday Aaron. Have an amazing day. Stay strong, stay positive ❤

– Sophie @DowneyLoverJr (Twitter)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aaron! Have an awesome day bud. *Downey hug*

– Shaz @downeyjr_winninanoscar (Instagram)

Hi Aaron, today we really hope you have a fantastic day with your beloved ones. I want to remind you how amazing you are and how much I admire a superhero like you. Thanks for bringing so much joy to us, enjoy everything on your special day and keep on shining🙌🏻✨ we love you 💕

– Camila @downeyxmjj (Twitter)

Hey, Iron Man! Yes, Robert may portray Iron Man on the big screen and get to attend a bunch of fancy events, but you, my friend, are the real superhero. You have the more strength and determination than any other kid I’ve ever seen. One day we’ll have a cure to take down this villain and it will all be because of your courage. Happy birthday, Aaron!

– Peter @ruffaloed (Instagram)

Hey Aaron, hope you’re having a fantastic birthday, with all the gifts you were hoping for! I love you and I’m proud of you! Big kisses

– Carla @50shdsfdowney (Twitter)

Hey Aaron!! I wish you the happiest of birthdays buddy! 🎉🎉🎈❤❤🎁🎊 I hope you’re having the greatest of times and that you’re surrounded by all the love and happiness you deserve. You’re truly one of the most special, amazing and brave kids I’ve seen and I hope you see all your dreams fulfilled this year and the many to come ❤❤❤ Sending you lots and lots of love.

– Cyrine @tonystan_k (Twitter)

Hey Aaron! I hope you have a truly wonderful day today with friends and family. Stay strong buddy! Sending love from Germany🤘🏽💛

– Tutu @downeyxkindom (Instagram)

Heyy Aaron congrats! Happy birthday!!! I wish you have a great birthday and keep smiling all the time even through tough times! Way to go buddy, you’re a warrior and you make me and many other people proud. Hug sent all the way from Mexico. Best wishes 😀

– Elizabeth @elizabeth.espiinoza (Instagram)

I wish Aaron a very happy happy birthday! I hope you spend an amazing day with family, friends and all the people you love. Wishes!

– Chiara @robertdowney.ig (Instagram)

Aaron happy birthday! You are the strongest hero and keep fighting. We love and support you ❣

– Alandra @euphorical (Instagram)

Dear Aaron I hope you’re doing well and you get well really soon:) I wish you a happy birthday and wishing you tons of fortune and happiness! 💛

– Fae (@thegreatdowney (Instagram)

Happy Birthday to you, little hero! You’re one of the strongest boys in the world – don’t forget about it and also don’t forget about everyday smile! I wish you your dreams come true, smile a lot and healthier ❤️ Have your special day as great as you are 🌟

– Julia @luvmyrdj (Twitter)

Hey Aaron, just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! 🎂🎈🎉 May yours be as happy as we would love to see you be (,: continue being as strong and tough as Iron because that’s what Iron is, it’s strong 💪 😉 Robert and us, his proud ducklings love you very much 💗 Love, Nikie

– Nikie @Tonys_Iron_Girl (Twitter)

Happy Birthday Aaron! 💛

– Eva @RobertDowneyJrTime (Instagram)

Hi, Aaron, pal…  I’m Loui from Indonesia.  No, we don’t know each other.  But, guess what?  I am SO proud of you!   I really am.  You might have heard a lot of those exact words.  And you may think, ‘why does this stranger say that?  She doesn’t even know me and I don’t know her at all.’.  Well, let me start with how brace and strong you are.  To face it all, to fight the pain.  Aaron, you ARE a SUPERHERO.  You maybe cannot fly, teleport things, or time travel to the past or future, but you have a super strength and that is super cool!  I can’t really say much, but, don’t give up, okay?  Keep fighting because that’s what a superhero does and you are one of them.  Remember that!  I think, I don’t need to say this, but I know that we both know one fact: Tony Stark (Iron Man) is nothing compared to you.  Iron Man without a suit is just Tony Stark and no blasting power through his hands (although, he is a genius so that counts as a power too), but Aaron, without the suit you already have a super power.  Can you imagine if you have one of those Iron Man suits?  Marvel /Disney would call you to play the Iron Man Junior role and  take on some bad guys with Iron Man Senior! 👏😊

Anyway, enough about Tony Stark and Iron Man, because today is your day!  Happy Birthday, Aaron!  I wish you all the best in life and I hope we could meet in real life so I could give you a hug.  I know that might be the last thing you want/need from a stranger, but I’d still hug you anyway because without you realizing it, we are friends from far away, connected by internet.  So, hi, pal!

Once again, happy birthday, Aaron!  Lots of love and hugs, from Indonesia ❤

– Loui @ttwulandary (Instagram)

Hey Aaron, Happy birthday! You are the strongest kid I’ve ever seen in my life. I know you are a super fan of superheroes..but do you know who is the real superhero? That’s definitely you. Yes, you’re the real superhero!! you are bravest person who always ready to fight with the bad enemy (rohhad disease) and i know you keep fighting with it. It can’t defeat you coz you’re a superhero.. you are a real life avenger. Sending you lots of love and hugs. God bless you. ♥️♥️

– Honey @jrhoneybunny (Instagram)

Happy Birthday, young man, you are a real life superhero, keep fight and never give up and everything will be fine. You are not alone and there’s so much people with you in these hard times. Lots of love from Portugal❤️ Kisses from Andreia, i hope you have the best day ever🎁🎈🎉🎂

– Andreia @ausraura1 (Twitter)

Happy birthday Aaron. We love you and I hope you’re always happy in your life. Wishing you a good new age. Made this edit for you 🙂 

– Sümeyye @rdj._.army (Instagram)

Hey Aaron! How are you doing today? Just want to wish you a marvelous birthday with the people you love and remind you that we care about you. Lots of love xx

– Caroline @fashicnablyheroic (Instagram)

Happy birthday Aaron!  You are the strongest hero in the world.  Keep fighting, buddy!

– @euphoichal (Instagram)

Happy birthday, Aaron! I’m by your side (even if I’m 7,780 km away from you😆) so stay strong. You deserve all the best, little big warrior♥🇮🇹

– Viviana @vivianssworld (Instagram)

Happy birthday!! We love you and are wishing you the best!! Enjoy your birthday 💞💞💞 Lots of love, Jood

– Jood @swifranco (Twitter)

Happy birthday Aaron! You are a wonderful person and I hope that this day marks the start of a year filled with love and joy. Once again, happy birthday !!😃

– Mona @mona_t02 (Instagram)

Happy HAPPY birthday, Aaron! You are an amazing person, and I’m so glad you get to get this amazing experience with Robert Downey Jr! I hope you have a great birthday and an absolutely fantastic year! Lots of love

– Shanna @lily.patterson.rp (Instagram)

Happy birthday Aaron!

– Kayla @daddytxmm (Instagram)

Hey, Aaron! I know you may not know me but I wanted you to know how much I love and care about you. Please don’t get discouraged by what you’re going through, you’re always in our thoughts and prayers. You’ll overcome this horrible time and feel better soon.
Don’t give up!
I know that you can win this battle🖤
Happy birthday to someone I love so dearly!🖤

– Nic @lronstrange (Instagram)

Aaron today is the birthday of someone very special. You! Happy birthday, God bless you today and always. We keep praying for you. A lot of love from Mexico.

– Rachel @imbobertdowneyjr (Instagram)

Happy birthday Aaron, keep fighting!!!

– Baxter @ba.xter80 (Instagram)

Happy birthday Aaron! Have an amazing birthday dear, thank you for inspiring us with your great strength and power. Love you superhero

– Bilbo @bilbo65653224 (Twitter)

Hi Dear Aaron.. Happy Birthday to you!! My wish is for you to get well and strong in this time!!.. Remember you are a fighter, a warrior, special kid.. Go enjoy your day!! And Happy Birthday again🤗💖xoxo.. God Bless you Aaron 👋🎂🎊

– Anna @downey.legacy.rdj (Instagram)

Happy birthday, Aaron! I wish you have the most awesome day ever, “Sending you a smile and a big hug on this special day”.you are a very strong and brave child, I hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires, we love you lots with all of our hearts. Sofia👍😘🎁🎂

– Sofia @SofElizabeth1 (Twitter)

Happy birthday buddy!  Stay strong, you’re awesome!

– @nutelliyt (Instagram)

Happy birthday Aaron!  I hope you have a marvelous birthday, filled with lots of laughs and surprises.  Enjoy your special day!

– Angie @chillwithme.angie (Instagram)

Hi Aaron!  I heard about you and your braveness. I’m so proud of you! I hope you’re doing well and do even better in the future. I wish you a loooot of good stuff – maybe your own Avengers building, huh? Oh, no – Aaron Tower. Sounds better, haha? I just want you to know that I believe in you because you’re such a good kid and I KNOW that you’re stronger than Avengers all together. Sending kisses, hugs and whatever you want.

– Marianna @magneticarmie (Twitter)

Happy Birthday Aaron you special little guy. You make me smile! 😊

– ,Jade @slay_for_the_day_ (Instagram)

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY AARON!!! You’re the bravest boy I have ever heard of and the other super heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man are nothing in front of you. You’re your own superhero. I hope that you have a great birthday and your health remains stable from now. Lots of love Aaron!

– Apoorva @rdj.avengers (Instagram)

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time Aaron. We, the Ducklings love you with all of our hearts and wish you the best always. Mr. Stark has got your back buddy. You’re gonna do great. 😉 Sending you tons of love, hugs and kisses. 😘❤️😘 Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂 We love you.💝

– Niharika @niharika__krishna (Instagram)

Hello Aaron, you’re the bravest boy I’ve seen in my life and you’re a source of inspiration for everyone in this world ! I’m from Switzerland and even there you send me inspiration !! So for all that thank you very much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!❤❤

– Audrey @StarkyToto (Twitter)

It’s wonderful to have you in my world! Person like you are as rare as a warm, such as sunny day in winter. Your smile is the best. You are as strong as Iron man.(you are stronger than him, but it is a secret.) Happy birthday,the strongest and kindest person!

Hayal from Turkey

– @wordsofflowers (Instagram)

Dear Arron, you’re such a nice and a amazing boy and we love you so much. I hope you have a beautiful day, stay strong, we’re always here for you! Happy birthday! we love you❤️❤️

– Sisi @sisibrokov (Instagram)

For aaron, its been a rough year but here you are survive the hard time and still fighting, its because you are strong.. hope you have wonderful birthday, and be stronger than ever pal 🙂

– Priscilla @stardustdwny (Instagram)

Happy Birthday Aaron!

– Ruby @part_poison101 (Instagram)

Happy birthday,  Aaron!  Have a wonderful day, you adorable boy! ❤

– @beebeekinz325 (Instagram)

Happy birthday Aaron! You are a true hero and a fighter.  Loads of love

– Aashika @aashika_d2305 (Instagram)

Hey Aaron,
You’re an inspiration to everyone everywhere around the world. Honestly, you teach us that no matter how tough the circumstances get, keep on fighting and things will get better. Hopefully, someday thing will get better for you as well. Happy Birthday Aaron! Enjoy the day, this year and the life ahead.

– Akshata @akshata_uchil (Instagram)

hi aaron! I hope you have an amazing day today! I wish you all the happiness and health in the world💗 you’re so so brave and strong and we’re all very proud of you. Happy Bday!!

– Maria @foryoudowney (Twitter)

Happy birthday Aaron may you have many many more years of joy, stay blessed and you know what you are the part of our stark family much love and respect from Pakistan, stay blessed.

– Arslan @arslanstark1 (Twitter)



Happy birthday, Aaron!

I hope this little page puts a smile on your face today, because today is all about YOU!  I hope you get to celebrate from home, with your family and your friends, and with all of us here on the internet who you haven’t quite met yet.  If we could, we’d be there to say happy birthday in person in a heart beat, but I’m so glad we get to at least be internet friends in the meantime.  ❤

Keep fighting, stay strong, and enjoy your next year!  You inspire us all every day, and I hope you know how proud we all are of you.  I hope you enjoy your t shirt, little man, and remember you have tons of friends out there rooting for you…including Mr Downey himself!

Have an amazing day, kid!

-Shannon @SRona58 (Instagram)


Happy Birthday to the bravest and strongest duckling I know, AaronMan! I hope you have a wonderful day buddy!! Take all these messages from the Ducklings as a proof of how much we love and support you; you’re never alone. Always have you in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Together, we are gonna find a cure! Love you pal, have a good one ❤

– Ale @HisDuckling (Twitter)