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We are so proud to announce that Robert and Susan Downey HAVE received their shirts!

Our trip to LA was full of many, many ups and downs…  There was no fan pit in the blueprints for the convention center setup, so we worked hard to gather other fans and with a little luck, we made #AvengeTheFans trend worldwide on Twitter!  A fan pit was created for us once Disney/Marvel caught word, and after speaking with Disney security and doing a little crowd control of my own, they agreed to work with us… and we were first in to choose spots!  So naturally, we stood as close to the drop off point as possible. Robert wound up seeing the shirts and made his way over, and the rest is history!  (And on the off chance you see this, sir, we cannot say THANK YOU enough for your generosity!  We never imagined that would happen…we love you 3000 and hope you enjoy your gifts!)

Because of all of your messages, we are making the project live again until the end of summer (date TBD).  However, in the fall, we will end this line permanently so we can focus on NEXT YEAR’S project!

So, if you haven’t donated yet and still want a chance to match Robert and Susan, check out the donation buttons below!

And to celebrate the release of Avengers Endgame, we made a special I love you 3000 version, featuring RDJ’s handwriting under the Team Downey design.  Take a look at both below, and please note, both designs are available in either black or white, your choice!

Team Downey, founded in 2010, is an entertainment company founded by Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey that produces film and television properties (via  In 2018, the duo began working with Aaron and his family to raise awareness for ROHHAD, a rare, life-threatening syndrome that affects the autonomic nervous system.


Credit: ROHHAD Association

All donations are welcome!  To receive a shirt of your own, you MUST complete the form for the $40 donation so we can gather your shipping information!  If you would like to donate more, please use the lower donation button afterwards!  ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE ROHHAD ASSOCIATION!


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Please note, you will be taken to a screen for your donation after all necessary shipping and name information for the shirt is gathered!  Simply filling out the form does not guarantee a shirt!

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Special thank you to Jon and Cinema Shelf for shouting out the project during their podcast interview with Shannon: 

Main fundraiser ended April 2019.  We have no official affiliations
with Team Downey or ROHHAD.  This is a fan project designed solely to raise money
for a good cause. Detailed donations report generated upon request.
Please contact us at before taking any legal action
(thank you, Roberto, for supporting our goal to raise money for Aaron)!